Village trail 1.3 - Church land

The vicarage (præstegården)
Skovlunden Jordløse Woodland Cemetery
Overnight outdoor shelters. Can be booked at
School-village gardens (skole-landsbyhaver)

Jordløse Church is one of only few churches in Denmark that still owns church land. The parish council sold a small strip of land to the municipality in 1990. This allowed the local football pitch to be enlarged and meant that the local football club (Jordløse Boldklub) would no longer require a derogation (because of the undersized pitch) to play at home.
The nature kindergarten Regnormen (the earthworm) is also on the same strip of land. The church made land available to the town park in 2007.
Shelters, a “ring-riding” equestrian track, school and village gardens have since been established on the church land.
In 2018, the town's decoration group was authorised by Assens Municipality’s culture committee to install Frede Troelsen's natural stone figure in front of the church.
There are thus close partnerships between the parish council, the football club, residents’ association and Ride-Være-Stedet to ensure that the church land is used to serve the common good.
The church also has another piece of land at its disposal. This is currently being leased out (the large green area in which the text is written).

Frede Troelsen's natural stone figure

Troelsens skulptur
Troelsens skulptur1