Village trail 8 - Toftegård

Packing Christmas trees - 1999.

Toftegård is one of the original farms in Jordløse Landowners’ Association. The tenancy was held for several generations by the Klov family, during which period it was known as “Klovgården”. Margrethe Larsdatter was the last of the “Klovs”. She was initially married to Peder Mouritsen from Vester Hæsinge, with whom she had four children. After Peder died in 1811, she married his brother Hans, with whom she had three children. 

All three children died in 1817 and Margrethe and Hans moved to Sarup. Margrethe died the following year, however. This left Hans with four children, none of which he had fathered. He then married Karen Hansdatter, with whom he fathered additional children. In 1904, Toftegård was bought out as part of a change of ownership. The original farmyard burned down in 1970, after which the current farmhouse was built.


People and animals at Toftegård's courtyard approx 1905. In the middle with a cap and polished clogs farm owner Jørgen Jørgensen.

Toftegård today

Henrik Læssøe bought the farm in 1989. Henrik grew up in Haarby and bought the farm to fulfil a childhood dream. His ambition was to grow Christmas trees. Even before the ink on the sales document was dry, he had planted the first 7,000 Christmas trees on the land that belonged to the farm. He now grows Christmas trees on approximately 50 hectares of land in Jordløse.