Country trail 2.3 - The school spot

For centuries the area near Gisselhøj has been a place used by the people of Jordløse for excursions, Sunday picnics or for the midsummer celebrations, with a fire on the hillside.

This little spot is the remains of a forest that was blown down by gales in 1999. In this small area between the roadside and the forest, nature is left to do its own thing. Schools and kindergartens use this area as an “experimentarium” and a space for involvement in nature. They build insect hotels, conduct nature projects, observe, touch...

The private independent school in Jordløse is a “green” school with a green flag. If and when trees begin to grow again in the area, children are able to put a sign on a tree or plant that they can then follow as it grows.

The common blue butterfly can be found near ditches, on heaths, meadows, commons, woodland clearings and other well-lit grassy spots where legumes can grow, such as red clover which is the preferred food for their caterpillars.

Red clover is pollinated by both honey bees and bumble bees, making it a great plant for bees. This plant cohabits with nitrogen-absorbing bacteria that make it high in protein and thus a good source of food.